Feb 9 2013


When Michael and I first met with my surgeon, he warned me that for “4-6 weeks” after surgery I would be “as tired, if not more,” than I was after chemo ended.

Nonsense, I thought. Nothing could possibly make me that tired again, barring another attack of chemical warfare.

Boy was I wrong.


Feb 7 2013

My Thymus

(This post contains a picture of an internal organ…consider yourself warned.)

In general, I’m a fan of my internal organs remaining, well, internal. Our bodies are so complicated and extraordinary that if something is there it must have a purpose, otherwise it wouldn’t be there. Even if medical science does not yet understand what it is.

I know, I’ve heard the theories about our pinky toes slowly evolving out of the body (women’s shoe designers cannot wait for that moment I’m sure) or the uselessness of, say, the appendix. But then, after years and years of yanking the appendix out of our bodies with nary a second thought, it turns out that it might possibly be an incredibly useful storehouse for “good” bacteria and fires into business right when we need it most: during illness.