Jan 28 2013

What If Pothole

A few weeks ago, I was moaning about all of the horrible possibilities that could be the state of my health with my sister on the phone. On and on I went. And on and on. And on some more. When I finally finished, a little impressed that she’d let me go on so long, she paused before asking if I was done.
“Yessir! Thanks for listening.”
“I’m your sister, I will always listen to you while you’re in your pothole. But, just so you know, I wish for your sake that you would spend less time in your pothole.”

My pothole?


Jan 27 2013

Sponge Bath

Yesterday morning, at 6:30am, Desi tumbled into my room. She was my tech for the morning, which means she would take my vitals, change my linens, bath me, do anything else the nurses asked her to do, etc. Well, that’s what techs are generally supposed to do. Needless to say, I’ve never had a tech volunteer to bathe me, and I usually have to chase them down if I want my linens changed.


Jan 25 2013


The past 36 hours have been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced including when I punctured my lung in New Zealand. I’m hazy and feeling distinctly uncreative which is frustrating. But I want to share with you what’s been going on, so, frankly, I’m going to fight through the frustration.

Two days ago, I got home from inauguration festivities exhausted and thrilled but driven. Exhausted because we’d just had four afternoons/evenings of cocktail parties, balls, dinners, and late night shin-digs with wonderful, amazing people. Thrilled because I made it through most of the events with lots of energy; I finally felt like my pre-cancer, pre-chemo self. Finally. Driven because I had about nine million things that I wanted to do before heading to the hospital for surgery at 8am yesterday.