Aug 28 2012

Day 8

“Hi, I have an 8:30 appointment with the nurses.” “Hi Lydia, you do know that it’s 9, right?” “Well, I was here yesterday at 8:25 and didn’t get in to see them until 9:15, so I decided to cut out the wait this morning.  Is that going to be a problem?” “Um, nooooo…..” “Good.” Today is Day 8. […]


Aug 18 2012

Scan Results!

This was a good week.  I had a CT scan on Monday and a PET scan yesterday — and I even went to work in between!  Whole days!  (Sortof — 9:30 to 6ish.) Results of CT scan: tumor has shrunk 75% from 12×6 cm to 6×3 cm.  There is no other mass or abnormal activity […]


Aug 10 2012

Go home. Stay there. Open window.

Every year I promise myself that our next home will have windows that actually, truly open.  Windows like I had in my office at the Massachusetts Statehouse where on particularly beautiful mornings I would climb up on my windowsill and pull the window up six or seven feet and it still wouldn’t be fully open […]